What affects End of tenancy cleaning prices?

When you live in London, moving into a new house is always an overwhelming experience. Moving house comes with immense pressure; apart from making sure that all your belongings are safely packed away for your new home, you also have to clean your current space for the next tenant that will move in.

Landlords in London are usually very strict about the endof tenancy cleaning. To certify that it is done correctly and as per the landlord’s end of tenancy cleaning expectations, most tenants seek the assistance of professional and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services. These end of tenancy cleaning companies will make sure that your current rental house is cleaned thoroughly to meet the cleanliness and hygiene standards of your landlords.

End of tenancy cleaning prices

The end of tenancy cleaning prices tend to vary from one professional service to the next and the prices will depend on several factors. For instance, the rate of the endof tenancy cleaning may increase or decrease based on the size of your property, the scope of cleaning that needs to occur, and the number of tasks involved, that is, vacuuming, dusting, etc.

Factors that determine the price of endof tenancy cleaning process

The size of the property

The size of your space is a no-brainer- a larger property will obviously cost more to clean compared to a small apartment. Remember to be upfront and honest regarding the size of your rental space when you are looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning firm. Supplying a company with false info intentionally or otherwise will only complicate things. If you are unsure, ask the professional end of tenancy cleaning company if it can come out to your rental to survey the space.

The condition of the property

If your rental property is in a terrible state, then you should not be surprised if the end of tenancy cleaners ask for a little extra. The difficulty of the cleaning job is generally what will determine the amount of time it will require to clean the space, as well as the types of chemicals to be used. Therefore, you should expect it to be a huge contributing factor to the final quote.

Add-on services

Depending on which end of tenancy cleaning company you choose to hire, remember to ask if they offer any extra value services such as deep cleaning of your property’s cooking appliances, for example. Most other companies also do not include carpet cleaning in their list of services, which means that you may be charged extra.